Arjan Bedi

I thoroughly value the importance of contributing to biomedical research and use my skills in mechanical engineering to advance the design of stents and wound dressings. Working at NuTissu has provided me with an excellent opportunity to put my skills into practice, as well as to work within a team spanning several scientific disciplines.

Aishah Aziz

” I use 3D Blender software to create complex structures and meshes for stents and wound dressings. As a product designer with marketing experience, I am able to take the company forward by creating unique designs and communicating our vision on social media.”

Emmanuel J Andrade-Sueiro

“Originally I thought not having a scientific background would be detrimental. But at NuTissu I was given the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skill of Illustration and animation to projects while also pushing my creative thinking and development skill by tackling topics outside of my comfort zone.”

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