Endogenous Bioelectric Current

Biological patterns of life are the “visible expression of an underlying bioelectrical pattern” Sinnott, 1960.

Electrical currents, carried by mobile charged ions, within cellular environment known as Bioelectricity is associated with wound healing.

Following tissue damage, a current of injury is generated. This current leads the biological repair process by recruiting biological healing “agents”, cells, that include macrophages, and fibroblasts that promote collagen synthesis.

Studies by others (Nuccitelli et al) show that this current peaks at injury, diminishes as the wound heals. Those that demonstrate weak current of injury due to old age, underlying conditions such as Diabetes, Venus Ulcers healed more slowly than those who had a normal or stronger current of injury.

Exogenous electrical stimuli aim to facilitate this natural current of injury to enable inherent healing cascades, which can be impaired due to underlying disease conditions.

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