Arjan Bedi

I thoroughly value the importance of contributing to biomedical research and use my skills in mechanical engineering to advance the design of stents and wound dressings. Working at NuTissu has provided me with an excellent opportunity to put my skills into practice, as well as to work within a team spanning several scientific disciplines.

Jemma Paterson

“At NuTissu I am at the forefront of research that could have potentially life-changing effects on people from all walks of life. My work also allows me to expand my knowledge not only on areas covered in my background in Biochemistry but new areas that may benefit me in the future.”

Zohaib Mian

“Having survived a malignant form of cancer, Retina Blastoma, It has been my life’s ambition to make a beneficial impact on the lives of people like me. Given my background in chemical engineering, I feel as though I can make a real difference in the medical fields with NuTissu.”

Katrina Warwick

“As a research assistant, my main role is to gather data for the lab to use, but it doesn’t end there. I will also be helping with marketing, engagement and potentially working alongside the design team. I really value the opportunities available and the core purpose of the company to improve tissue healing.”

Muyiwa Adewodu

“I work in multiple departments from experiencing biological lab techniques to 3D modelling. As a Biomedical engineer, it allows me to get involved in multiple aspects of the company which allows the company to push further ahead with innovative and groundbreaking research and development.”

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