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R&D and Applications

Developing Biomiminks and Digital Health Tech Based Applications

Bespoke biomimetic scaffolds to replace or repair tissue

Our product portfolio can be used to produce a range of bespoke biomimetic scaffolds and bespoke tissue reinforcement systems to address diseased and damaged tissue to meet unmet clinical needs.


NuTissu’s Bioinks and Bioink based products enable further multidisciplinary life sciences, biomaterials and digital health technology research

BiomimInk is our proprietary material, that can utilise Additive Manufacturing to develop:

Structural Support

Our proprietary biomaterials enable us to develop bespoke scaffolds with varying strengths and topographical structures to mimic or provide structural support to a range of tissues

The human body consists of a range of tubular organs of varying diameters, topographies and mechanical strengths.

Disease or damage to these tissues/organs can be addressed with bespoke tubular mesh like structures with our unique, biomimetic biomaterials.

Cartilage Mimicking Materials: Tensile Tests

Our catalogue of 3D printable Bioinks can be used to mimic biomechanics of natural cartilage. 3D printability of these Bioinks enable us to offer an unlimited range of cartilage mimics through CAD.

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