What we do

We are developing a catalogue of products based on our trademarked biomaterial solution, BiomimInks.

Our materials are designed to help “re-boot” the body’s natural bioelectric current to promote tissue healing whilst presenting antimicrobial properties.

3D printability of our biomaterials enables us to offer bespoke solutions to address a range of diseased and damaged tissue.

Externally applied electric currents in wounded/damaged tissue can mimic the endogenous currents which facilitate wound healing. Our technology with electric stimulation mimics this natural current of injury.

3D Printing

3D printing and related digital technologies are vital for bespoke healthcare solutions. Our developments in biomaterials enable us to provide patient specific solutions that mimic physiological functions.

Founder and Director

Achala de Mel BSc(Hons), MRes, PhD

“My primary motivation with starting NuTissu is to contribute to help improving the quality of life of those experiencing tissue loss or damage with innovative products and process”

Intellectual Property Advisor

Stephen Carter is Founder of The Intellectual Property Works, an intellectual property consultancy. He is a UK and European Patent Attorney with over 25 years’ experience and is recognised by IAM300 as a leading IP strategist. Having spent many years as a partner in two London-based law firms, Stephen now acts as an advisor to innovative start-ups and SMEs.

“I enjoy working with exciting start-ups like NuTissu with driven founders and innovative technology that can have a real impact on people’s lives”

Clinical Lead

Steven Jeffery is a Consultant Burns and Plastic Surgeon and is Professor of Wound Study and Birmingham City University. He has extensive experience of complex wound management and is also an Internal Clinician for BSI

Lucien Bartram