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What we do

We are developing a catalogue of products based on our trademarked biomaterial solution, BiomimInks.

Our proprietary materials and technology integrated with our materials are designed to help “re-boot” the body’s natural bioelectric current to promote tissue healing whilst presenting antimicrobial properties.

3D printability of our biomaterials enables us to offer bespoke solutions to address a range of diseased and damaged tissue.

Chronic Wound Problem

Scale of the human crisis

A person has a better chance of living five years with breast, prostate or colon cancer than a diabetic with a foot ulcer.

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Chronic wound incidence/annum
0 %
5YR mortality rate after limb amputation: higher than that for breast, prostate and colon cancer
0 %
Chronic wounds result in amputation

Across the UK

Wound Care Management

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NHS cost of unhealed wound management/annum
£ 0 b
NHS cost of wound management/annum
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NHS wound patients
0 %
Dressings failing to heal within 6 months

Guest et al; Cohort study evaluating the burden of wounds to the UK’s National Health Service in 2017/2018; doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-045253

Our Solution

A paradigm shift in wound care

Our Approach

Our approach to tackle wounds, informed by deep clinical insight uniquely combines three scientific and technology advancements:


NuTissu’s unique portfolio of photopolymers, BiomimInks® and biomaterials-based technology present a range of properties to completely and rapidly heal wounds, that include antimicrobial defence, skin epithelialisation, and crucially, enable the delivery of electrical-stimulation therapy with digital-health technologies through everyday consumer electronics.


Externally applied electric currents in wounded/damaged tissue can mimic the endogenous currents which facilitate wound healing. Our product, E-Plaster® with bioelectric stimulation aims to mimic this natural current of injury.

Digital Health Technology

We are leveraging on IoT and digital health technologies to enable the solutions to be patient centric with the E-Plaster® App as well as enable our biomaterials to mimic optimal physiological functions with 3D printing.

About Nutissu

Meet The Team

Achala de Mel

Founder and CEO

Founder of NuTissu with 10+ years of experience following her doctorate in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, has been executing projects in surgical MedTech and related. She brings a unique approach to solving wounds combining biomaterials, bioelectricity and digital health technology.

Stephen Carter

Chief IP Officer

Stephen Carter is Founder of The Intellectual Property Works, an intellectual property consultancy. He is a UK and European Patent Attorney with over 25 years’ experience and is recognised by IAM300 as a leading IP strategist. Having spent many years as a partner in two London-based law firms, Stephen now acts as an advisor to innovative start-ups and SMEs.

Steven Jeffery

Chief Clinical Officer

Steven Jeffery is a Consultant Burns and Plastic Surgeon and is Professor of Wound Study and Birmingham City University. He has extensive experience of complex wound management and is also an Internal Clinician for BSI.

Karen Holden

Commercial Law & Business Development Advisor

Karen is a solicitor, founder and managing director of a City Law Firm and brings a wealth of experience to secure legal and business terms to maximise the commercial value of NuTissu.

Paul Edmondson

Engineering & Development Advisor

Paul is an Associate Director at EG technology. He has over 20 yrs of experience in electronics and software development with a focus on medical devices. Together with a multidisciplinary team of engineers at eg technology, Paul is supporting NuTissu with its innovative developments.

Venky Sanangula

Software Engineer/Developer

Venky has a Master’s degree in Computer Science (University of Passau, Germany), and has extensive experience as a Web developer.
With a strong academic foundation and practical experience, he possesses a deep understanding of computer science principles and has applied to a range of dynamic digital technologies.

Dipak Tundaliya

Electronics Engineer

Dipak has a Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Greenwich (MSc, First Class Honours ) with extensive experience in electronics systems.

Keiran Gilligan

Materials and Formulations Chemist

Keiran is a graduate in Forensic Science, BSc (Hons) and an Industrial Research Chemist with extensive yrs of experience in multiple  project developments in bio based, medical, cosmetic, and dental polymers for healthcare/ consumer markets.



Endogenous Bioelectric Current

Biological patterns of life are the “visible expression of an underlying bioelectrical pattern” Sinnott, 1960. Electrical currents, carried by mobile charged ions, within cellular environment

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MedTech Engineer

A MedTech Engineer with a Biomaterials Background – with at least 3 years of work experience (following a relevant masters) or at least one year industry experience following PhD.

Senior Electronics Engineer

A Senior Electronics Engineer (with Medical Device/IoT go-to market experience).

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